About Us

Floodplain Consultants, Inc. (FCI) is the premier flood zone certification provider in the United States. FCI is endorsed by numerous lending trade associations and is the firm of choice for lenders who place a premium on accuracy and service.

FCI provides flood zone certification, census tract, floodplain management, life-of-loan services, and flood insurance guidance for over 300 financial institutions. Founded in 1991, FCI has built its reputation on quality and customer service.

With over 25 years of experience, FCI distinguishes itself from competitors by offering industry leading accuracy and customer care via proprietary processes and technology. Our staff has a combined experience of over 200 years helping lenders stay compliant with the National Flood Insurance Program.


ORDERING & RETRIEVAL METHODS: You may order and retrieve flood determinations via our website, FAX, or from within many of the most popular loan origination software (LOS) applications including; Calyx, Encompass360, BytePro, Fiserv EasyLender etc… In addition, our IT department stands ready to create interfaces with other LOS applications to meet the needs of our clients.

IN-HOUSE REVIEW: Our process starts with an in-house analysis of client provided information (address, legal description, parcel number, survey..) If structure locations can be accurately plotted using this information, a certification is completed and sent to the client.

BORDERLINE REVIEW: If structure locations cannot be accurately plotted using client provided information, or if structures are too close to a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) to make a definitive in-house determination, an experienced FCI technician will perform a high level analysis. At no additional expense to the lender or borrower, our technicians will obtain additional information including tax map data, county map data, and possibly an on-site inspection to definitively plot structure locations in relation to the SFHA.

FLOOD POSITIVE KIT: In addition to our flood certification, FCI will provide to the lender, via email or mail, a copy of the Flood Insurance Rate Map on all determinations that require flood insurance ie...addresses where structures are found to be in a SFHA. This kit is a tool the lender can share with their borrowers to help assist in explaining the reasons for the flood insurance requirement. In addition, we will help the borrower apply for removal from the SFHA if it is a good canidate for a Letter Of Map Amendment (LOMA) application to FEMA at no additional charge.


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